Better Late than Never ....

Better late than Never...

I created this blog on 3rd May 2010 and since then nada not a single entry .. Sometimes I had been lazy others time didn't have time or simply didn't have access to blogspot when I wanted to something .. So now have I got time or topic or pictures to share .. hardly any one of them. See I am still not posting any story about any of my trips .. so have I been anywhere or what .. I had been to these places since I started the blog...

Gurgaon - Delhi for BAT meet
Kolar Dam
Kerwa Dam
Trekking Trip to Bhudni Midghat
Some non-descript dam (Hathaikheda)
Van Vihar (to test my new Sony HX100V Camera)

When will I share those stories .. hmm may be soon may be never or may be I will make sure to make some new trips for new stories ..

See earlier I didn't have a camera .. so it was my N73 doing the job and a bloody good job mind you of clicking photos and making memories.

Then I got a kodak Digital Camera and within no time got the Sony HX100V camera with 30x zoom which will have to do till I get a DSLR and I will get one.

Also I am thinking is that in stead of merely about photos and reports of my trips I will also keep the site for my photographs which will be good idea as I don't go out much but photos I will have lots .. I think it will be good let's see when that will  be..

So I will take your leave for now and will leave you with the first pic to be uploaded to this blog .. enjoy


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