Magical Morning

So Today Morning I went to enjoy the morning with my Friend Ashish and of course to click some pictures, here are few pictures for your visual pleasure. I hope you would like these pictures. Oh and Yes we went to Lake View, Bhopal.

Nature paints the Best paintings

I Love this pic, this looks just like a painting too

Remember Sun is a giant burning Gas Ball

The Sun and the house

Aeroplane in the sky, where else? :P

I captured the sun in the street lamp

And it burns bright too, nice lamp

Little Waterfall near Lake View, Bhopal

Little Milky Waterfall near Lake View, Bhopal

I hope that you liked the pics, you know you can comment too to share your views or to show your appreciation :).


  1. A pleasure to eyes, Vikas. I hope you won't mind me using any of this for my blog posts with due credit :)

    1. Thanks Diwakar for the wonderful comment and yes you may use the pictures for your blog with credit etc. after all what's the use of the pictures if no one sees them.


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