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Majestic Udayesvara Temple

Majestic Udayesvara Temple This temple is situated in a small town called ' Udaypur ' near Ganj Basoda in Madhya Pradesh. It was made during 11th Century.

A to Z April challenge

So just to make my blogging regular I have joined a challenge which is called A to Z April Challenge. Basically the challenge is that we have to post a photo on every day of April minus the Sundays. And each day if would have to post the photo on a topic starting with that letter. So suppose if you write a post on 1 April for Apples then on 2 April you would click a photo on Ball, so on and so forth. This should really be interesting .. have to gear up and hopefully I would be able to continue with the challenge and complete it. Let's see how I fare up. 

Clouds Are Dreams in the Sky

Another one from the trip to Sanchi .. lot more to come .. one by one .. This cloud cover was clicked over Sanchi.

Magical Tree

Wonderfully magical tree clicked @ Sanchi during Nikon Photowalk Nature's Magic P.S. - All the magic lies in its beauty.

Gautama Buddha

This photo was clicked by me on the wonderful photo walk at Sanchi organized by Nikon   Gautama Buddha clicked at Sanchi Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. Buddha