C for Crows

Sometimes I feel like I am taking A-Z challenge at a kids level but the reason I had to go with this because we rarely see crows around our cities now. I had to go all the way to an island in the middle of a lake to click these crows ... So enjoy these crows as they fly.

All the photos were clicked at Takia Taapu in the middle of upper lake, Bhopal, India

Its Lonely at the Top

Brave flies alone and the highest

Preparations Begin

One goes away

Now the entire flock flies away

This post continues my contribution for for Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014.


  1. I would be happy to ship our crows over to you. They make so much noise first thing in the morning as it's starting to get light!

    1. LOL JoJo I know the feeling of listening to the birds early in the morning ... but somehow we are losing the birds from around our houses and colonies here ...

  2. Strange that there are fewer crows in your cities. They are such survivors. Los Angeles is full of crows, but where I live now in the mountains, we have ravens, but no crows.

    1. we are losing birds like nobody's business. In my childhood there used to be Sparrows, Crows, Eagles, Vultures but I rarely see any of these birds now. Partly because there are less trees now, partly due to uncontrolled development and partly other reasons. But I was really happy to see so many crows there. Thanks for the comment again Inger.

  3. Nice photos. The second is my favorite. I love seeing birds in flight.
    visiting from AtoZ

  4. Your fourth photo is absolutely stunning... the composition and contrast are really cool. We also have plenty of crows (I live just north of LA). I'm sorry your birdlife is dwindling. :(

    1. Thanks Meghan the problem with India is excessive population .. In US and other countries the population density is not that high and there are lot of trees too. There should be a balance between nature and development .. sadly that is missing.


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