H for Hats

This Blogging from A to Z thing is tough, I have only reached letter H and facing difficulties finding words and associated pictures but something needs to be done so here goes, enjoy.

One Hat for you sir

My Cap/Hat from Nikon School


  1. Some of the letters really are hard! I'm so not a hat person. I like them in theory but they just never look right on my head. lol

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    herding cats & burning soup.

  2. You went to Nikon school? That's cool! I would love to have gone to photo school.

    1. Actually not a school just a training session and photowalk organized by Nikon in my city. It was the very first time something like that happened here so it was a big deal.

  3. Love the plaid fedora! Excellent choice for H!

  4. Cool colours of the first hat! Haven't seen 'hat' as a H word yet so well done on originality.

    1. Thanks Dina, the hat belongs to my brother who is working to be a singer. Thanks again for the originality bit but I was desperate and that was the word I could think to click pictures with.


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