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  Emptiness on the road, emptiness in the house, emptiness in the mind, emptiness is Everywhere. - Vikas Cellphone Click during the lockdowns nowadays the roads are again busy but the pandemic is still raging so maybe we need to get back to this way again.

Khushali 1

  Khushali Close up Khushali Portrait A couple of pictures of beautiful Khushali, one is a close-up while the other one is a portrait.

Fountain Pen Nib 1

  Fountain Pen nib from one of the pens from my collection, the picture is clicked with my Redmi K20 Pro phone's camera.

Anisha 1

  Portrait of Anisha, of course, the focus is her beautiful eyes, which are enhanced with the mask, Remember to wear your mask when stepping outside, no relaxation till the pandemic is over. Equipment Details: Camera - Nikon D7500 Lens - Tokina 100mm f/2.8 Macro

Da Burger

  Just a tasty burger with double patty and double cheese the only way to eat :) Enjoy!!! It's a mobile click this time around, clicked with Redmi K20 Pro.

Unnati 1

  Unnati's Portrait clicked during Photowalk at location Lodhi Art District.